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'Spider Harrison's ROCK n SOUL AMERICA' is a three-hour weekend program. "Playing the Top 40 & Soul hits": playing the hits with "stack 'em up and counting them down" - this is the theme along with playing songs that were "made and played in America first". Between records the personality of Spider Harrison delivers with a different and unique entertaining style. There is a nostalgic element to each show coupled with a brand new twist, jellying pop, rock and soul hits of the 70's, 80's and 90's. There will also be mini 'Whatever Happened To?' features spicing up the mix.


The Spider Harrison℠. Hundreds of thousands of radio listeners 45+, throughout the country and abroad, are aware of veteran broadcast radio personality Spider Harrison, the American DJ. He replaced the legendary John Richbourg (John R.) on WLAC out of Nashville, TN and it was a milestone, hosting the conspicuously successful nightly show that could be heard in more than 28 states, the Caribbean and parts of Canada. Spider Harrison is part of America's R&B Urban and Rock n Roll radio history and due to the success of his tenure at WLAC, Nashville, artifacts from his broadcast career will soon to be placed in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.

Radio Consultant Kent Burkhart, during the early seventies consulted WLAC and recently had this to say about the station and Spider Harrison: "WLAC has a huge signal, which came in like a local station in Atlanta... and of course that included listening to you Spider, which was always a pleasure. You followed the format as a pro does... and you had that SOMETHING in which you could communicate with the audience with very few words... you were great at that."
'ROCK n SOUL AMERICA' was created in the 70's.

Native New Yorker, Spider Harrison started his professional career after leaving WCWP-FM at CW POST COLLEGE in New York when he was hired in Indianapolis as Program Director for WTLC-FM and he quickly built his local radio success on the basis of a personable manner and obvious talents as a drive time personality.


Like never before, Top 40 and Classic Hits formats are regaining a large and varied audience all across the country... large, medium and small markets - including the worldwide web. Adults, teens, even performers themselves are turning to the distinctive sounds of the past to reinvigorate today's music.


With ready identification to proven artists and hits of the past, 'Spider Harrison's ROCK n SOUL AMERICA' is a terrific buy for local and national advertisers and is targeting that 35+ demographic with a music concept and show that will never end.


SPIDER HARRISON℠ is a native New Yorker and one of the most heard radio personalities during the 70's, 80's and early 90's. He was given the nick name 'Spider' while playing football at Hempstead High School and the name has stuck with him throughout his career. Already singing in doo-wop vocal groups while still in junior high, Spider was introduced by a New York concert promoter to the professional side of the radio and record industries throughout New York City, New Jersey and Connecticut. He soon began promoting live show dances at social clubs and worked with professional broadcasters in the New York metropolitan area.

After high school Spider Harrison, interned at WWRL and at WABC in New York City. While attending classes at CW POST COLLEGE / Long Island University, Spider Harrison℠ received his broadcasting training at the college radio station WCWP-FM, New York where he created the program 'Introduction To Soul'. Shortly thereafter he landed his first professional radio gig at WTLC-FM, Indianapolis, Indiana.

At a relatively young age Spider Harrison℠ rose to prominence by replacing the legendary radio personality John R. at WLAC-AM, the Class A 50,000 watt clear channel radio station heard in 28 states, parts of Canada and in the West Indies. Because of WLAC's early history of pioneering Blues and R&B, the station is now honored in the Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame. In the Seventies, while he was still at WLAC, Billboard Magazine purchased the station and soon Spider Harrison℠ successfully launched the first Billboard Soul Countdown weekly syndicated show under WLAC's new Top40 format.

Moving to Los Angeles, Spider Harrison℠ while still in radio also worked with Sugar Hill Records, the world's first independent rap/hip-hop label, and worked with their artist, Grand Master Flash and Furious Five who later would be inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame (2007).

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